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Our results-oriented approach helps individuals, teams and organizations realize their maximum potential through targeted coaching. We use an industry-recognized assessment along with an in-depth inquiry meeting to establish a baseline for your goals, strengths and development opportunities. Then we partner with you to create a customized coaching plan to minimize derailers, maximize strengths and turn challenges into opportunities.

Inquire and Define

The Inquiry Meeting is followed by completion of a behavioral assessment. The assessment selected is based on the client’s desired goals. Our leadership and success coaches are qualified in the administration and interpretation of various personality, behavioral and performance assessment tools and can also interpret most other custom assessments.

The Inquiry Meeting along with the results from the assessment(s) inform the objectives defined in the Coaching Plan.


The coaching sessions (in person or virtual) explore actual scenarios based on existing personal or professional challenges. Coaching sessions are supported and reinforced by prescribed pre-work, on-the-job and feedback exercises.

The initial coaching session is approximately 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are 60 minutes. The frequency and duration of the entire coaching engagement will be determined based on the client’s objectives. Most engagements are 6-9 months and include two formal coaching sessions each month. Immersive experiences are available for senior executives who require more immediate support.

Monitor and Close-down

After an agreed upon number of sessions, we will work together to determine if additional sessions are needed or desired. At the end of the engagement, the client will complete a Coaching Feedback Form that provides valuable feedback to the coach on the overall effectiveness of the engagement.

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